Jul 22, 2008 by

Dood, you haven’t updated the blog in like… forever! What are you doing?


The show has been happening. If you haven’t listened since Episode 17, you’ve got THREE shows to check out! Grab a listen in the sidebar. If you want older ones, cruise down to the archives (ok, I’ll at least update THAT…)

I’m going to get all the back logged playlists up this week.

THE APPLE WAR is on this last show, number 20. I got a great interview with them.

Thanks for sticking with it. Wedding planning, new job, wedding planning, ‘nother new job… getting ready to move back to London… I’ve just been doing the best I can.

Oh yeah, almost forgot… if you listen to the show they’re all shiny now. I upgraded… finally!

Thanks a lot. Watch for updates this week.


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