Won’t You Sleep by The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse – Free Music Feature MP3

Feb 5, 2016 by

“Won’t You Sleep” by The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse can be yours today! This is one of many fun, unique tracks from the guy behind the horse, who has come to be a friend to the show.

The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse is an alternative indie folk artist from the Scottish Highlands. While primarily a solo artist, he also performs with a backing band called The Wat Wat Kings. Previous to becoming The Horse, Ray McCartney was a founding member, songwriter, performer and producer of The Kazoo Funk Orchestra. He performed as Little Beard before leaving the collective for brain surgery only weeks after recording a performance for BBC Alba’s RAPAL TV show late 2008. Ray was also the founding member / songwriter and frontman of El Jugador until the band split in 2005.