My Woman (I Love Nothing About You) by The Manic Shine – Free Music Feature MP3

Jan 24, 2014 by

This weeks free feature is a track with a great title – ‘My Woman (I Love Nothing About You)’ brought to us by The Manic Shine. We have been following this band since we first heard of them over here at The Justin Wayne Show so we are excited to see it’s now only a short wait until their new album will be streaming our airwaves! In the run up to this we hope that this great track manages to tide you over.

The Manic Shine are a rock band unlike any you will ever have heard. With a vast sound that links progressive alt/rock with atmospheric synth noise, The Manic Shine are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in todays progressive modern music. They combine time signature changes, soaring guitars and heart-pounding groove to deliver an inebriating wall of metamorphic art rock.

The new album ‘Let Go Or Be Dragged’ out 27.01.2014.