Where are you, Justin Wayne?

Nov 6, 2008 by

We found a new flat, moved and are now residents of North London.

How does this affect the show? We haven’t got the internet installed yet.

I have been producing shows and you’ll be hearing them in the coming days. I apologise for this strange lull in the shows as we’ve been gearing up for sometime to increase subscriptions. You should see at least one new show by the end of the weekend and another next week.

Sound good? Thanks for sticking with the show. After we get settled in the new place and get the internet installed, we should be technically sound and ready to pounce on our subscription drive. Very exciting times ahead, just bear with the lull.

If you need to get your JW Show fix, scroll down and you’ll find the show archives on the bottom of the sidebar. Download a few older shows and enjoy some of the wonderful stuff we’ve already done!



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