What Is A Podcast? Why Should I Subscribe?

Basically, podcasts are an easy, low-cost way for media producers (radio, television, etc) to create and distribute content.  The main components to a podcast are a blog (with an RSS feed) and a media attachment (audio, video, pdf, etc).  I’ll explain this more below.

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Here’s a quick video to give you a better idea of podcasting…

Podcasting in Plain English from leelefever on Vimeo.

Did you like that video? Wanna learn more about RSS subscribing from Lee? Click Here >> RSS in Plain English.

Would you rather read the explanation instead of watch the video? I summed up the video for you and added my ten pence…

Remember when radio shows and television shows were broadcast at a specific time and you had to run home (leaving band practice early) to make sure you were home in time? (…for the new Grey’s Anatomy…)

Well, those times are coming to a close as you probably already know.  We can just turn back our TiVO, digital recorder, or watch it in BBC iPlayer, on Go ABC, or any other online streaming service.

Now radio is doing it too!  It’s no longer a BROADcast, but a PODcast!  (An info nugget, it is what the iPod was originally designed, and named for.)  The great thing is that after the show has been released you don’t have to wait any longer.  Hit the website and stream it straightaway.

What if you want to take it with you?  Or, what if you want to be notified immediately when it becomes available?  Then you subscribe!  Subscribing to the Justin Wayne Show, as well as loads of other podcasts, is FREE.

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You’ll have ways to subscribe straight to your computer and ways to go straight to your iPod, Zune, or other Mp3 playing device.

Still don’t know?  Contact Justin Wayne and we’ll get you squared away.  After all, it’s free!

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We think that subscribing is the best way to keep up with the show, as well as making http://thejustinwayneshow.com a favourite in your browser.  Come back, check in, comment, email, hear your stuff on the show… stream us at work, at home, over your speakers at work or in your salon, shop, sunny back garden or WHATEVER.  Get in touch and let us know how you like your JW Show.  Perhaps with a dark cup of coffee?

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