Welcome to the Birthday Best Awards!

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twoyearsoldHey Y’all, welcome to the Birthday Best Awards Show!  Great to have you along.

We’ve got the 25 best songs of 2009 that were played on The Justin Wayne Show this year which means you’re in for a scorcher, it’s going to be a great show.

Along with myself, Jamie, David Couch, and Jason Ober are joining us tonight for the festivities.

Come join us too if you’re around between 8 and 10pm GMT right over on the sidebar –>

Just click on that big, red “Listen Now” button and you can chat with us too!  (You don’t have to become a member if you don’t want to, but do!  It’s quick and free!)

We’re not out to hurt anyone, but we are giving out some awards…

            1. Best Artist of the Year
            2. Best Song of the Year
            3. Best Band Name of the Year
            4. Presenter’s Picks (Each Presenter gets one of these)
            5. Audience Choice Award

And who was nominated this year?  I’ll give you the list… but first, if you haven’t subscribed yet there’s loads of ways to do that, even via email, right over there in the right-hand sidebar too.  We’d love to have you again whether it’s live on a Wednesday or podcasted (hence, subscribing.)

Here are the nominations!

Alphabetical by Artist
“It’s Over It’s Over It’s Over” – Answering Machine
“All Signs Point to Yes (Try, Try, Try)” – The Apple War
“Kiss the Ground” – Bad Dream Good Breakfast
“London Town” – Bad Whiskey
“Leaves” – Ben TD
“Nightmare” – Black Bikini Alpha
“Little Girl” – Black Circles
“The Story I Heard” – Blind Pilot
“Vitriol” – Bluejuice
“Londontown” – Brenn
“Need” – Brian Walker
“Where You Are” – Brother Dan Palmer
“Dying Love Sonata” – CalatrilloZ
“Best Girl” – Checking Pulse
“Come Clean” – Chris Kirby
“Leave Me Alone” – The Clintons
“Don’t Be a Dick” – David Goo
“Young Leaders of Tomorrow” – Duwende
“I Am Gonna Leave You” – Fearless Vampire Killers
“I’m The Enforcer” – Field
“Press Play” – Fundamental Skillz
“Coffeelocks” – Gavin Castleton
“Cosmonaut” – Giant Wow
“Ulysses” – Goh Nakamura
“Scene of the Crime” – Hot Little Hands
“Orla” – JESPA
“Subway Man” – Jesse Alejandro and The Big Fatt
“Mrs. Cooper” – Jonah Smith
“Chosen Ones” – Junebug
“What I Need” – Kakuzi
“Ruthless” – Lana
“January Blues” – The Lights
“The Narrator” – Lights Out Dancing
“The River” – The Lonely H
“Bright Red Chords” – Loomis and the Lust
“William” – LoveLikeFire
“Talkin’ Ten Lost Years” – Mike Ford
“Giggle” – Natasha Davies
“This is Where I Draw the Line” – Pareto
“All I See” – The Powwows
“Ocean Passage” – Projekt
“Dragging Heels (through Bexley’s Battlefields)” – Robert Batley
“Lost and Found” – Ryan Rebo
“Teen Idol” – The Scratch
“Factory Song” – Skeletons with Flesh on Them
“Anthem” – Skinless Finger
“In Between You and Me” – Special Patrol
“Blind is Better” – Tom Howie
“Forget About It” – A Tower of Sheep
“Apathy and Empathy” – Uncle Meat and the Highway Children
“Violence” – We Rock Like Girls Don’t
“Cut and Paste” – Yours Til Death
“Soho Sophisticated” – 50 Foot Woman
“Apology to the Feminine” – Zalinski
Podcast will be up on Friday if you missed the live show!  See you soon.

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