Welcome to the Circus by Skittish – Free Music Feature MP3

Apr 1, 2016 by

“Welcome to the Circus” by Skittish is our free feature as this week! This band are also currently running in our Top 10 of April 2016, so if you like this, head there give them a vote.

Skittish calls Minnesota home, and through all the national tours, SXSW successes, CMJ charting albums, and nation-wide exposure, there has been one permanent member of Skittish: Jeff Noller. Minnesota born and bred, and sprung from the same hometown as Garrison Keillor, Noller crafts songs that are at times folky, rough, weird, and bitingly sarcastic. All with literary flair and more hooks than a tackle box. He has written and recorded all Skittish albums in a hand-built lean-to of a studio in St Paul, Minnesota.