Twenty Ten. Full-stop.

Jan 10, 2010 by

That’s right, it’s friggin’ “TWENTY-TEN”.  I’ll have none of this “two-thousand and ten” business.  Not while I’m around and have a keyboard to tippy-tap on!

I hope you all had a great holiday!  I spent loads of time with my family, friends, and even got in some good face time with something called “Modern Warfare.”  One thing – how can it be not ridiculously cheap and lame to shoot someone in a first-person shooter with a bloody harrier jet?  WTF?  Some people’s kids.  I remember a top-down internet shooter “Subspace” where there was never anything cheap going on… ummm… maybe not.

We had loads of snow!  Come visit me on Facebook to see some of our pictures, even one where it was so cold outside (nearly -20 Celsius) that we had to wear stocking hats in the hot tub!  (Someone asked why we were even in the hot tub at that temperature… I just laughed and walked away.)

The wife and I even got to kick it in Chi-town (that’s Chicago, Illinois for you UK peeps) with my newly engaged buddy Jason (also of JW Show web copyrighting fame) and even met the bride-to-be!  We were very impressed, and they took us for drinks atop the John Hancock tower.  95th Floor y’all!

However, I did next-to-nothing with the show during the holidays but over the past week since we’ve been back (got back on the 3rd of January to more snow here in London) I’ve been working my tail off.  Along with David Couch and the rest of us here at the Show we’re going to make sure you’ve got a brilliant anniversary show coming up the first week of February.  Can you believe that we’ve been around for two years now?

That’s right, our anniversary awards show The Justin Wayne Show Birthday Best is coming up on the 3rd of February and we’ve got loads of great  music to feature both in the nomination podcasts and in the big show on the 3rd.  We’ll be playing bits and pieces but also putting out two podcasts dedicated to the nominations.  Keep your eyes here for more.  They’re probably going to be the best music podcasts ever.  EVERRRRRRrrrrrr.

I suppose that’s it for me for the moment!  Back to producing those aforementioned best podcasts ever…



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