Top 10 Songs for July 2014

Jul 22, 2014 by

Hey there, it’s Justin, making a return to the Top 10 to get my entry into our little competition. In the Top 10 this month, you’ll be hearing excellent songs from The Young WildThe InfatuationsThe Record CompanyVia DoveAnalog BirdsSean Flinn and The Royal WeThe Grisly HandThe WicksThe Sudden Lovelys and Bradford Loomis.


Voting this month is a vote for Justin, and we have to beat Claire who had nearly 500 voters last month so any sharing you can do to help me win and, more importantly, get the word out about these great artists is more than appreciated!

Vote for your favorite three!

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Links to all the artists


The Young Wild’s new album is out in September, so we’ll be spinning “Moment Goes” on the show often.

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