Top 10 Songs for January 2015

Jan 7, 2015 by

Welcome to the Top 10 of January 2015! Justin has picked his 5 favourite tracks and I have picked mine, so now it’s time for you to decide which song will make it to number 1. You have until the last day of this month to make your choices, and you can vote for up to three artists (because we all know how difficult these things can be). The podcast has all the tracks back to back for you, so do listen, share, vote and let us know who you want to hear more of on The Justin Wayne Show.


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  1. Rich

    Love The Floodgates – but why don’t you play their full studio version of “You”? The version you have on your site is to a solo guitar plus singer. The full band version is way better and would have gained even more votes! Check it out on iTunes! Thanks for your great support!

  2. Hey Rich – we play what we’re sent by the bands. It’s their choice on what singles they’re pushing so we do our best to honor those requests. Thanks for the kind words. ~JW