TJWS 333: Claire Rozario takes the reigns

Aug 1, 2016 by

Whilst we are having some time off the live show, we’ve been creating some easier to swallow podcasts of it for you to enjoy. Here’s a shorter version with the all the best bits, apart from Justin Wayne.


Leanne Tennant kicks off the podcast this week, with her first submission to the show!

The Playlist:

Title Album Artist
Bearing The Crown Pull Up Your Britches Leanne Tennant
The Claim TS&T Master 2 Rachel Lynn
Crazy Jordan Kirk
If I succeed Paused in the Moment Van Susans
Unleashed Revenge of the Moon Scorpions Robot Party
Slackjaw Romance Bad Reed EP Bad Reed
When We Are Old Nino Polizzi
Over Coffee Northern Exposure EP David Stone
Single Again Mel Monaco
Runaway Anna Pancaldi
Everything is Alright Neil and Adam

See you soon!

– CR