TJWS 328: Join the fun!

Apr 26, 2016 by

This week’s show has some great new additions to the catalog including Janine Jkuhl, and Heel, and we dive into our library of live sessions we’ve recorded over the years and bring back some of our favorites.


Devon’s Sadie Horler joins our catalog too!

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Kill Us When We’re Famous The Rose Affair
Bits And Pieces Man from the light PortableHigh
Tempted Single Janine Jkuhl
Nothing New The Parts we Save Heel
How Do You Love? How Do You Love? – Single THEA
Carry On Some Build Castles Rebecca Cullen
Be Still My Heart Genevieve Jacqui Treco
Silly Ghosts/Tarnished Screens Scuttle EP Sailour
How the Other Half Live Peachy Keen The Fox and the Hounds
Tidy My Room Why Should I Tidy My Room? Sadie Horler
Shattered Dreams Hellbound Hymns The Urban Voodoo Machine
Follow Follow – single Sam Brockington
Picasso Picasso – single Young Night
Dirt and Grime Dirt and Grime – single HVMNS
Speaking Springsteen The Church of Steve Honest Robert Batley
Isobelle (live) Live After Dinner – The Justin Wayne Show – 4th June 2012 Pepper And Shepherd
Just Another Cliche (live) Live After Dinner with Justin Wayne Calvin Roche, Josh Rigal
The Other End Live in Studio C at Main Street Studios Kory Nagler
Shoelace (live) Live session at The Workshop, Walla Walla WA Whisky Barrel Rocker
Ident TJWS Miccoli Jingles – TJWS Miccoli
Making Up For Lost Time Live at DemoFest 2014 – Mace Mead Works, Dayton WA Feeny vs Belding
Runaway Dear Joe EP Anna Pancaldi
Factory Song Live In Studio C at Main Street Studios, Walla Walla, WA Roaming Herds of Buffalo
I Remember When (live) Live session at Blunderbuss, Bozeman, MT Kyle M. Helm


See you next week!

~JW and CR