TJWS 326: Music, news and announcements

Apr 6, 2016 by


We’re back after our month-long hiatus! We’ve built some fun things that we’ll share with you on this episode including:

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The Playlist

  1. Circles by Crash Island
  2. The Lake by Bandicoot
  3. From Far Away from the album Always The Moments by T.J. Kingston
  4. Gunning For You by MassMatiks
  5. Hold Me Tight by Perivale
  6. Drop Everything from the album Hearticulate by J.P. Edwards
  7. Welcome to the Circus from the album The Perfect Shade of Green II by Skittish
  8. Fk You, I’m the Boss Here by Robam
  9. Fever from the album Travelling Man by Nigel Thomas
  10. Little Lives by Alex Hulme
  11. One Love from the album Maxine and the Eskimo Brothers by Maxine and the Eskimo Brothers
  12. Racetrack by Roaming Herds of Buffalo
  13. Summer Glow from the album Playdaze by Bordeauxxx
  14. Last Blue Yodel from the album Many Splendored Things by James Dean Kindle and the Eastern Oregon Playboys
  15. Lost Weekend from the album Lost Weekend by Sean Flinn and The Royal We
  16. Prison Song from the album Dear Lucy Soundtrack by Sam King
  17. Disappearing Trick from the album Later Days by Asthmaboy
  18. Oh, My Desperate Soul from the album Be Brave by Auditorium
  19. Princess from the album Wretched Body EP by Beth Rowley
  20. This New Year from the album This New Year by Big Tree
  21. If I Succeed from the album Paused In The Moment by Van Susans
  22. Your Blue Eyes from the album Twilight by Via Dove

See you next week.

~JW and CR