TJWS 325: See you soon!

Mar 21, 2016 by

I believe we were able to sneak out this last podcast before our system went south on us (we’ve repaired it since then!) One of the big things in this episode, aside from playing some great tunes, is that we’re going to be taking a bit of time off to rework, reassess and really dig into discussions on how we can make this podcast and the Maven.FM network the best they can be.

Our break begins… now and we’ll be back on April 11th.

We’ll still have a few things coming through the website and the feed including the Free Music Feature and at least one session! Maybe we’ll even get a Podtape up this month. Have a good March!


Update: we won’t be doing our Birthday Best until May-ish, which is a change from what we announced in this episode.


We play a pair tunes from a Randy Combs favorite on this show: Prince Perry.

The Playlist

  1. Limes from the album Colours EP by Navina
  2. Bones by Ella Paramor
  3. She Got Caught from the album She Got Caught by In Hoodies
  4. I’m So Sorry from the album That Friend EP by The Pumped Up Kids
  5. Little Lives by Alex Hulme
  6. Letter by Devin Leslie
  7. Known World from the album Masterwish by Danny Newcomb and the Sugarmakers
  8. Rattlesnake from the album Poet on the Moon by Mare Wakefield and Nomad
  9. Monotone from the album Here Tomorrow Gone Today by Prince Perry
  10. All I Got from the album Here Tomorrow Gone Today by Prince Perry
  11. Marchioness by The Buzzard Orchestral
  12. Friday Morning from the album Friendly EP by Rocket Van
  13. Paris from the album Oh, Beatrice by Tacks, the Boy Disaster

See you on April 11th!

~JW and CR