TJWS 320: Jammin’ on January’s New Submissions

Jan 11, 2016 by

We’ve been really having fun going through the songs from last year and compiling our favorites for the upcoming Birthday Best show on February 15th. Don’t worry you’ll get a chance to vote. You’ll hear some of our favorites appear on this show as well as some great newcomers to the show.


Don’t forget to head over to the Top Ten for January and get your vote in! Listen to the podcast with all ten songs and make an educated vote!


Quinn Archer has a great new EP out and you’ll hear her TJWS debut in this episode.

The Playlist

  1. Dark Places from the album Dark Places by Quinn Archer
  2. Rattlesnake from the album Poet on the Moon by  Mare Wakefield and Nomad
  3. Electric Headlock from the album A New Kind of Fear by Harper
  4. Seeing Red from the album Shamanaid by My Baby
  5. Animals from the album Dreamwaves by Crash Island
  6. The Dues – single by  Julia & The Basement Tapes
  7. Truck – single by Blake Noble ft. Cody Beebe
  8. Ahead from the album Ahead by Sunday Night Syndrome
  9. No No No from the album No No No by Yes Sunshine
  10. Candied Daylight – single by Jennah Bell
  11. Falling Down – single by Erin and the Project
  12. Cutting Corners – single by 150 Friends Club
  13. Lipstick Teeth – single by Van Susans
  14. Colours of the Sky – single by Old Bohemia
  15. Tell Me – single by Miccoli
  16. America from the album America by The Clear
  17. Image – single by Strange Waves
  18. Regrets of a Cosmic Mountaineer from the album Adventure by The Alpine Camp
  19. Take Me Home from the album Secret Wonder by Secret Wonder

See you next week!

~JW and CR