TJWS 316: Brian Ripple, Bozeman Magazine, and Learning to Kiss…

Dec 16, 2015 by

Brian Ripple from Bozeman Magazine joins us in the studio to day to talk about how he’s integrated himself into the growing Bozeman music scene and about Bozeman Magazine’s role in it and in the wider community. His magazine has been doing great things for this community since 2007 and we’re glad to present this interview with him. You’ll also hear some great tracks, including a new single from show favs Dancing Years – it’s about kissing.


Here’s Brian Ripple of Bozeman Magazine at the celebration of their 100th issue back in late 2015.

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Skyscrapers (held together) Skyscrapers – single Schedules
Dark Clouds Dark Clouds EP Late Hala
Wet Weekend In Wales Slow Train EP The Loving Idiot
Learn to Kiss Learn – single Dancing Years
Zero Winter The East End Session Planes On Paper
Prison Song Dear Lucy Soundtrack Sam King
Strange West Six Pack (Advance) The Alpine Camp
Watch Out Radio Watch Out Radio – single Healthy Junkies
We Had It All Images of Youth Presley Johnson
Ignis Fatuus The Inner Wastelands Maud the moth
Winter Dolour Winter Dolour Louise Aubrie
Share My Bed Patchy Patchy
Vines Vines Polar States
All I Got Here Tomorrow Gone Today Prince Perry
Interview with Brian Ripple of Bozeman Magazine
Midnight in Austin Moon Raccoon Modern Sons
White Dove Inspire Public Symphony
Smoking Manhole Smoking Manhole MOTH
Danger Danger Squawk! The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse


See you next week!

~JW, CR and BR