TJWS 315: Fancy shaves and fancy tunes

Dec 9, 2015 by

After Movember, my face is clean shaven and so we’re bringing you fancy tunes and mostly healthy chat from my fancy face (and Claire’s too.) You’ll hear new music from Ranges and nearly new from Fjokra… it’s a great episode┬ápacked with music.


Fjokra has new music in the pipeline for the first part of 2016. Get excited!

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Miles Away Fair Weather Friends Fair Weather Friends
Heaven is a Ghost Town Let the Storm Go Ash and Bloom
Alone Alone Joshua Hayden
If I Were The Devil If I Were The Devil Ranges
Django Django The Chains
Running my Mouth The Best Damn Ride Charlie Leavy
Cinders Julie Hawk EP Julie Hawk
Get Amongst It Get Amongst It Fjokra
Pretend Knites Knites
One Stone One Stone The Buzzard Orchestral
The Game (Radio Edit) Single Will and the People
Relapse Relapse Natasha North
Gravity in Motion Gravity in Motion Nix
Excited Eyes Excited Eyes The Notionaries
Victims Echoes (EP) Ocean Jet
Silicon Pleasure Blast Onions
Those Wide Eyes Pleasure Blast Onions
White Chair Patchy Patchy
Nothing Major Your heart is ready for home Pareto
Walking Sideways Folklore, Volume 1 Pins and Ladles
Come and Go Run Like Hell The Renzullo Project


See you next week!


~JW and CR