TJWS 312: Matt Kline and Cleanis Soap

Nov 18, 2015 by

Matt Kline from Cleanis Soap joins us to bring his soapy and musical expertise to the show. Claire has some strange issues with glassware and her internet, but still brings great music submissions to the show. Matt plays a few tracks and we’ll even get a few on the air from our friend at, Deann Snyder.


Matt Kline of Cleanis Soap admiring some cleanis-like art at the Cottonwood Club in Bozeman

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Motorcycle Drive By Nothin Left To Lose Meghann Wright
You Make Me Sweat FALK The Raunchies
Let It Be Let It Be Sunnen Shade
Great Summer Wonky SingLadies
Blue Eyes Ghosts Cassidy Dickens
God Knows God Knows EP The Floodgates
More More NOVA
Exodus Exodus Thieves In The Palace
The Ultimate Tool The Ultimate Tool (Single) The Danes
My Girl Everything You Wanted to Know about the Sea Lions… Sealions
A Million Things The Lucy Show The Lucy Show
Hey Luis Don’t Bite Me 2014 Tom Rosenthal
YOLO B-sides Tom Rosenthal
The Meaninglessness of Numbers Bolu Tom Rosenthal
Don’t Turn Around (Single) Don’t Turn Around (Single) Vinten
Laguna Laguna The Van Ts
Heavy As A Brick Above Club We Are The City
Baby Don’t Go Bleaksploitation Katie Von Schleicher


See you next week!

~JW, CR, MK and DS.