TJWS 308: More Music on Monday

Oct 20, 2015 by

Just Claire and a whole load of independent music gracing the airwaves today. Tune in for a selection of music, some new, some old – but all good (at least in our opinion).


Keston Cobblers Club are in the mix today!

The Playlist:

Title Artist Album
Under the Sky Michael V. Doane Rock Family
Let’s Get Intimate (ft. T1) Elektric (ft. T1) Sorry I’m Late
burning-thunder Lazer Lloyd
The Diver & The Girl MyKey
Never Say Never Thieves In The Palace Stay
DoYouLoveMeYet Luke Potter
The Tiger’s Grin (single) Analog Birds
That Girl Kevin Jaxon Absolute
Don’t Brake Liv Don’t Brake – Single
Regrets of a Cosmic Mountaineer The Alpine Camp Adventure
To Get By Aspen Songs For Oxjam
Loose Ends Euriah
Do The Math Asthmaboy Later Days
Wake In Fright Desert Planes Desert Planes
moon turns blue Runabay the june e.p.
The Castle Keston Cobblers Club A Scene of Plenty
What’s Mine What’s Yours We Have Band
Not In My Name Mark Hole
Around the World Blake Noble Underdog
The Devil, My Friend MP3 Cara Mitchell Afraid of The Dark EP
Runnings Fun Cry Baby Aeroplanes Demo E.P
Hurricanes Jazz Morley Trying to Make Sense
The Life and Death of an Oak Tree Hunter Dumped Us Here


See you next week!