TJWS 306: Whilst Justin’s playing doctor, Claire’s playing host.

Oct 7, 2015 by

You’ve got Claire taking through tonnes of great music, some new and some old but all worth a listen. Tune in for all the other good stuff also: our free music feature,the gig guide, and the first play from the October Top 10!


The Manic Shine, jumping for joy about the Top 10 maybe?

The Playlist:

Title Album Artist
Half Life Half Life Blair Jollands
Sweet Nothings Jonjoswann
Sleep The World Away Animal Farm Master High Horses
Home With You Home With You Elle Exxe
Undo Miccoli
One Stone The Buzzard Orchestral
Seven Miles Adventure The Alpine Camp
Sign Runabay
Carry On Some Build Castles Rebecca Cullen
Monsters Angus Powell
Weightless (Single Version) The Manic Shine
Castro Do You Want To Rule The World Kolo
Lipstick Teeth Van Susans
Tear Down The Circus Kimmo Olavi
Colours of the sky Old Bohemia
Human aka Man’s Lot Human aka Man’s Lot – Single The 150 Friends Club
The Beat Sparkleton Grown Up Avenger Stuff
Black Satin Ethereal Foxy & The Hares
01 Somersaults MP3 Seasons master 1 Esperi
If I Stay Stone Cold EP Bella Farinas
Shadows In The Night Painted Faces Jess McAllister
Native Man JD Weaver

See you next time!


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