TJWS 305: JD Weaver Interview

Sep 30, 2015 by

Alongside some great new submissions to the show and more great music from the archive, we’ve got musician JD Weaver along with us for an amazing interview. He shares with us what it’s like to try to make a career in music with a degenerative muscular disease, and how he maintains his positive outlook on life. It’s a brilliant and inspiring interview – I do hope you’ll listen and get behind this fine fellow.


JD Weaver gives an incredible and touching interview on this episode.

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Image Image – single Strange Waves
The Preacher Reigns Bottom of the Well Signs Of Fire
The Landing Strip The Landing Strip Life On Standby
Cool Girl Cool Girl Madi Davis
Never Let You Down Polista Polista
Regrets of a Cosmic Mountaineer Adventure The Alpine Camp
Bones (Re-Mix) Bones (Re-Mix) single Van Susans
Over The Line Killing Off Characters Killing Off Characters
The Vaudville The Tragic Hero Normal Fox
Dreaming Common Daze Ever
Give Up The Ghost Storyhill Storyhill
Interview with JD Weaver
Native Man Where Eagles Fly JD Weaver
Sunshine Perspective Ripping off the Label JD Weaver
Beautiful Baby In The Journey Martin Sexton
Never Mind Buying Time Painted Faces Jess McAllister
The Game (Radio Edit) Single Will and the People


See you next week!

~JW, CR and JD

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  1. Michele

    Love Strange Waves!!!