TJWS 304: Suckers for Sorrow (and Independent Music)

Sep 23, 2015 by

Piles of music played on this show, including “A Sucker for Sorrow” from the NYC artist Ricardo Duran and plenty more! You’ll also hear a bit about the weather in both Bozeman, Montana and London, England (as that’s where Claire and myself co-broadcast from) and a few great musical selections sent over from and their proprietor, Deann Snyder.


Annique joins the artist family here at the show with a great new tune.

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Loved Not Understood Head’s Up Annique
America America The Clear
Stars Will Descend Stars Will Descend EP Blair Jollands
Tell Me Tell Me Miccoli
A Revolution Why Not? Edewaard
A Sucker For Sorrow A Sucker For Sorrow Ricardo Duran
A to Z A to Z Hildegard
Two World’s Apart Two World’s Apart Claiming Neptune
Pick Up The Pieces Opposites Joe Connor
Bite The Hook The Bottomless Blue Black Bears Fire
Down The Prologue EP Ruby May Spencer
Small Wars Small Wars Zurich
The War The War Jennie Abrahamson
One Wish Masterwish Danny Newcomb and the Sugarmakers
Little Angel Live At Pedernales Titty Bingo
Cool Girl Cool Girl Madi Davis
Smart What I Know Madi Davis
She’s In Love The Lonely Roller Steven A. Clark
Answered Prayers Answered Prayers – Single Terribly Yours
Always Always – Single Favored Nations
Lightning Bolt Scrappy Happiness Joel Plaskett Emergency


See you next time!

~JW and CR