TJWS 302: Lacking Justin but brimming with tunes

Sep 9, 2015 by

Join me (Claire) for a show FULL of independent music and also little chat with Umong Shah about his journey to becoming an independent business owner. New music from so many artists (whilst I try to catch up with my submissions) and gigs from London, Greater London and Southwest England.


The Buzzard Orchestral and I. You’ll hear their forthcoming single in this here podcast!

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
The Power (final) The Power E.P The Face
The Tempest Inner Picture Flying Tailor
Collide Bela Takes Chase
Tired What We Lost In The Madding Crowd Janey Quinn
Tear Down The Circus Kimmo Olavi
Hallucinating Love Melody Starr Full Collection V.1 Melody Starr
Weightless (Single Version) The Manic Shine
One Stone The Buzzard Orchestral
Time Slips Away Falling Again Dauzat St. Marie
Mermaid Soul Kev
Rat Race One Takes Van Susans
Fortitude Music Interview Umong Shah
Sky Holding You The BearFox
Dance Sunshine Dance Another Juggle
Seventeen The Acorn People
Annie Kings On The Rye Pepper And Shepherd
Brothers (Single Version) Affairs
Belief Delaire
Demons The Prologue EP Ruby May Spencer
MAKING HISTORY Fudge and the Frequency


See you next week!