TJWS 297: Shellshock Lullaby and Deann takes over

Aug 5, 2015 by

Russ Nelson from Shellshock Lullaby joins us in the studio this week to play a few songs for us with his one-man-band setup and talk about what he’s been up to and some of the cool things he’s got rolling out this summer. Deann Snyder from returns with a few tracks and helps plug holes in the dam as Claire’s away.


Russ Nelson live in-studio at Blunderbuss in Bozeman recording a few Shellshock Lullaby tunes for his radio sessions.

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
I’ve Walked That Road Shades of Grey Shellshock Lullaby
The Narrator Ever The Optimist Lights Out Dancing
Soldiers of the Spring Little EP Big Tree
What We Do What We Do Shook Twins
Shark Sammy The Squeeze Cure for the Common
Flytrap Love Chills Yawn
Dirt Friends Of The Year Pageantry
Jotu Dimming Awe, The Light is Raw Botany
Ground Ground Stray Echo
Cracks Into The Air Cold Beat
Fever Fever Ghost Hours
6:14 6:14 Alexander Michelle
Interview with Russ Nelson from Shellshock Lullaby
All I Need Live from Blunderbuss Shellshock Lullaby (Russ Nelson solo)
Shades of Grey Live from Blunderbuss Shellshock Lullaby (Russ Nelson solo)
Lipstick Teeth Lipstick Teeth (Single) Van Susans
Parting Shots The Ghost is Clear Exohxo
Lie To Me (Anakyn Remix) Lie To Me Elle Exxe


See you next week!

~JW and DS