TJWS 296: Lipstick Teeth and more from Deann

Jul 29, 2015 by

This week we have the privilage of speaking with Holly Mclatchie from the band, Van Susans to help introduce their fresh-off-the-presses new single, “Lipstick Teeth.” Deann Snyder from joins us again with picks from her blog, and you also hear Claire’s selections from the submission box during the first part of the show.


There’s a fair bit of banter in this episode – we hope that’s OK with you!


Holly Mclatchie holds her violin, and also speaks with us on this week’s episode to talk about Van Susans’ new single, “Lipstick Teeth.”

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Leonard Leonard Fake Chatter
Revolution Revolution Violet Wylde
Ring Up Ring Up Ray Rubio
Red Dress of Reba Microphone SloFunkPump
Time is Dying Eva Eva
Lipstick Teeth Lipstick Teeth (Single) Van Susans
Imaginary Song Imaginary Song Errant Boy
Go Get Your Warpaint Go Get Your Warpaint Monsters as Humans
Summer Days Summer Days On the Avenue
Belief Belief Delaire
Too Alike Ny Ep Phonographics
Young States The Paper Kites
Breathe Again Breathe Again – EP The Kickdrums
Castle Greyscale Castle Greyscale Cowtown
All the Time All the Time (single) Swimm
Give Up Give Up Claws
Luck ‘n’ That Luck ‘n’ That (single) Pana Waves
Midnight Island Midnight Island Harrison Brome
Desire Sore Dilly Dally


See you next week!

~JW, CR and DS