TJWS 295: Mondays are music days

Jul 22, 2015 by

I think we can all agree – Mondays are a great day for music. We’re glad you’re with us for today’s episode full with brand new music from the submission box and a bit of banter about the superamazing Moods of the Madison festival that just took place out in Ennis, Montana. (Hint: it was amazing.)


RJD2 spinning a sick set at Moods of the Madison 2015. (Photo credit Kathryn Hayes)

The Playlist

ATL Funk Super Faced 31st Century
Josephine Josephine Greye
Where is Johnny Monday Blackbirds Monday Blackbirds
Surrender Surrender Jon Wayne and The Pain
Blue Skies A Poor Man’s Pocket David Garlitz
Tonight We Celebrate v3 1 Detroit Block Party The Infatuations
Past Lives The Ghost is Clear Exohxo
L-O-V-E Ethereal Foxy and the Hares
Viva Los Angeles Viva Los Angeles Kevin Sandbloom
Dance Sunshine Dance Another Juggle Another Juggle
First and Last First and Last Gemology
Meet Me At The Wishing Well Shamanaid My Baby
Sung To Me Sung To Me Rainbow Fresh
Kiss The Ground Kiss The Ground Charlotte Wrinch
The Man Sparkleton Grown Up Avenger Stuff
Ton petit bébé EP David Garlitz
Messing Around Messing Around Eyes For Gertrude


See you next week!

~JW and CR