TJWS 294: Serious adulting

Jul 15, 2015 by

We’re being serious adults on the show (or exactly the opposite) today, and to make up for our seriousness (or lack thereof) we’ve got some great new tunes, a few from Deann Snyder of, and a few from the archive, too.


Erin and the Project are coming through both Walla Walla and Missoula this month, keep an eye out!

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Shine Josh Newell-Brown Josh Newell-Brown
Vestibule Kid Galahad Kid Galahad
Falling Down Erin and the Project Erin and the Project
Traces Nothing At All Charlie Kulis
Just To Get Something Started Just To Get Something Started (single) Shards
24 24 (single) Tony B
Cutting Corners Free Single 150 Friends Club
Money Killed Everything Indianapolis Devin Leslie
Do You Remember …and this wild heart beats again Kareña K
Black Sheep Black Sheep (single) Jimmy Ireland
The Gold Standard The Gold Standard Marrow
Emotional Young Men V Sakawa Boys
Stompin’ Stompin’ (single) Elijah and the Moon
Duck Duck Goose Country of Origin Elisabeth Blair
Ghost Limb Roulette Emily Wolfe
Solid State 11|70 Fake Teak
For You and Me Inconnu The Fancy Toys
Coffeelocks Home Gavin Castleton


Thanks and see you next week!

~JW and CR