TJWS 293: Exohxo and Deann Snyder returns

Jul 8, 2015 by

We pull Seattle band Exohxo onto the show via phone to talk about their latest EP that they’ve released completely for free on Bandcamp called The Ghost is Clear. Deann Snyder from returns with another batch of tracks to play and saves Justin from the technology (as many of our songs are in the ether somewhere. Hopefully they’ll return for next week’s show.) Thanks Deann!


Exohxo, all in a line like at the last supper. 😉

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Love The Red Ribbon Story Araby
Bombay Bombay CJ Reardon
Bat Your Lips Pretty Dope EP Jim From The Moon
High School Lover High School Lover – Single Oregon Bike Trails
You’re Beautiful You’re Beautiful Henry Maybury
Bodies// Bodies// Ever
We Are We Are – EP The Landing
Time A dose of me Iam StringZ
Wildfire Wildfire (single) Keston Cobblers Club
Falling Apart Janessa Evrist‘s Album Janessa Evrist
Not to Speak Is to Speak Bonhoeffer – EP Ranges
Corners Corners – Single Slow Turismo
Seventeen Seventeen – Single Sjowgren
Interview with Jasen and Danny from Exohxo
Trains that Look Like Towns The Ghost is Clear Exohxo
Up to Me The Ghost is Clear Exohxo
Voices Voices – Single The Belligerents


See you next week!

~JW, CR and DS