TJWS 289: Funeral for Claire’s computer

Jun 10, 2015 by

While Claire’s computer is on life support, she joins us from another device and brings some great new music to our ears. You’ll also hear from Blunderbuss-mate (that’s where I am these days) Tate Chamberlin who is bringing a big music festival to Ennis, Montana on July 17th and 18th called Moods of the Madison. It’s an eclectic music festival bringing together different genres and causes. We’ll hear from a few of the local/regional bands who will be appearing and more from Tate about what it’s all about.

Dah Rhyl Gah Moor

Dah Rhyl Gah Moor gets his TJWS debut on this episode.

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Right Swipe #You’re Not Playing The Character, You Are The Character; Drink The Bleach! Dah Rhyl Gah Moor
Falling Apart Janessa Evrist’s Album Janessa Evrist
Not Afraid Why Not? Edewaard
Human aka Man’s Lot Human aka Man’s Lot – Single The 150 Friends Club
Ten Miles Down the Road Still Human Off The Record
Is It Too Late This Is The End Of The Rock And Roll Antoines
Zeppelin The College Years (Opi -Um) JoeJoeKeys
Sugar and Mess April Maybe May April Maybe May
Nashvegas Houses on a Hill Bearkat
Hear the Sound Can’t Talk Now Greg Friedman
Over to You Over to You Analog Birds
Interview with Tate Chamberlin – Moods of the Madison
Get Some The Squeeze Cure for the Common
Surrender Surrender Jon Wayne and the Pain
Hear the Sound Can’t Talk Now Greg Friedman
This Town This Town Tom Vevers
Pins Sparkleton Grown Up Avenger Stuff
So Rewind So Rewind Narrow Plains
Club Low Club Low Model Aeroplanes
A Mermaid’s Song Club Low Antiqcool
Hey Girl Ani-K Ani-K
Ignis Fatuus The Inner wastelands Maud the moth
Most People Are Better Than You Payin’ 4 Yesterday JoeJoeKeys
No Chances Of The She Wolf EP Della Lupa

See you next week!

~JW and CR