TJWS 288: A post Misfitcon show complete with musings and commitments

Jun 3, 2015 by

This week’s show includes Justin’s musings after spending last week in Fargo, North Dakota at Misfitcon 2015. (Hint, it’s pretty significant.) We’ll tell you what our plans are and a bit of a shift in the mindset of us here at TJWS and No Coward HQ. Oh yeah, we’ll play some great music for you too, especially some great stuff from the submission box. Enjoy!



The Playlist

Title Album Artist
This Town This Town Tom Vevers
Walk Away Walk Away Kaige Evans
So Rewind So Rewind Narrow Plains
Lullaby Holding You The BearFox
Over the Line Killing Off Characters Killing Off Characters
Safe Cocktails and Canapes Kazo
Where I Belong The College Years (Opi -Um) JoeJoeKeys
A Mermaid’s Song A Mermaid’s Song Antiqcool
Ignis Fatuus The Inner wastelands Maud the moth
Takemysoul Nakisha Esnard‘s Album Nakisha Esnard
Fearless Fearless Indigo Face
Hey Girl Ani-K Ani-K
Lie To Me Lie To Me Elle Exxe
Cold Dedric Clark Dedric Clark
I Wouldn’t Call It Love What You Find In A Bottle Chilina Kennedy
Disaster Friends Of The Year Pageantry
Uprising Shamanaid My Baby
Got the Goods Travis Bowlin Masters Travis Bowlin
Take It Easy Sofa King Cool Daze of Dawn
Beautiful Liar Beautiful Liar The Bad Years
Overdose Sung Inside a House Death Songs


See you next week!

~JW and CR