TJWS 287: An absolute bargain

May 20, 2015 by

When you think about it, this tidy little podcast full of great new music, which also gives you the show as a free download and lets you know about other great free downloads… it’s a pretty good bargain, isn’t it? We think so – and this week we’ve got some great new tracks to the show, we celebrate Randy’s 200th show, and encourage you other superfans to let us know how many shows you’ve listened to… just leave us a note in the comments below and we’ll give you a shout next episode.


JoeJoeKeys has a new album out now called Payin’ 4 Yesterday that you can download straight from his website.

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Most People Are Better Than You Payin’ 4 Yesterday JoeJoeKeys
Kiss The Ground Kiss The Ground Charlotte Wrinch
Running Wild Running Wild The Michael Reed Band
Someone You’ve Never Known Lovejoy Revival The Nadas
Boxes Boxes The Baltic States
Bloom Bloom Holly Morwenna
Easy Closer EP Nathaniel Rateliff
Prison Song Dear Lucy Soundtrack Sam King
Hear the Sound Can’t Talk Now Greg Friedman
Steel Driver The Common Deer EP The Common Deer
Pins Sparkleton Grown Up Avenger Stuff
Apollo Thirteen Into Your Atmosphere Seth Freeman
Star Is There Love On Mars? The Goldenhearts
YOLO B-sides Tom Rosenthal
The Beat Sparkleton Grown Up Avenger Stuff
Jenny Jenny Wily Bo Walker
Floating My Fellow Sponges My Fellow Sponges
The Haunted I’d Like To Remain A Mystery The Glass Child
You Say Chasing Ghosts Morning Fuzz
(You’re My) Lighthouse Transmission Party Transmission Party


See you next week!

~JW and CR