TJWS 284: Frolicking through fields of music

Apr 29, 2015 by

Claire and I present this week’s show full of brand new tracks to the show, as well as some selections from upcoming and previous Discovery 2 artists. You’ll also hear our second show including gig information for southwest Montana and London, instead of Walla Walla, Washington.


Xova, an amazing band from Birmingham, has an album out soon, so check out their single, “9 Lives” in this episode

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Rebecca Rebecca (single) Angharad Drake
Million Thoughts Little Love Story Lee La Loa
9 Lives The Soho Road Sessions EP XOVA
North Korea and the Five Stages of Grief Forebear Forebear
Same Old Start Same Old Start (single) Ray Rubio
My Voice Is Gone The Chester Sessions Tom Howie
Let’s Be Bolder Let’s Be Bolder (single) Hannas Marines
You and I Are the Same You and I Are the Same (single) Igneous Grimm
Odessa Odessa (single) Gerard Smith
Set Me Right Knites – Songs Knites
What We Do What We Do Shook Twins
10 Long Years Wreck And Reel Pepper And Shepherd
Drift Freedom Tapes Mathien
Headlights This New Day The Undivided
Use Your Horizon Use Your Horizon (single) The Manic Shine
Miss Nothing (Acoustic) Live Recording The Manic Shine
Miss Nothing Blindsider The Manic Shine
Takemysoul Nakisha Esnard‘s Album Nakisha Esnard
Lion Lion (single) Samson
Cat is on the Loose Cat is on the Loose (single) Chase the Ace
Judy (Feat. Oil My Member) Deep Inside The Lungs Of A Whale The Great Secret
Purple Street A Jillion Kicks Heypenny
Bastintado Zodiac N Black Zodiac N Black
Paper Cuts Paper Cuts (single) Screama Ballerina


See you next week!

~JW and CR