TJWS 283: From the Blunderbuss!

Apr 22, 2015 by

At least the USA half of the show (Justin) begins his tenure at Blunderbuss – a creative collective in Bozeman, Montana. The gang here has been so welcoming and has built us a small broadcast booth in the work area of the compound. It’s pretty sweet! You’ll also hear about Claire’s wonderful holiday and some excellent new additions to the line-up she’s found since she returned.


Mathien brings an excellent song, “Drift” to us from his new album The Freedom Tapes

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Cold Dedric Clark Dedric Clark and the Social Animals
Drift Freedom Tapes Mathien
Hey Girl Ani-K Ani-K
Give and Take Give and Take (single) Cody Beebe and the Crooks
On the Run (feat. Brian Lenington) On The Run Robar
Brazil  Brazil (single) Gerard Smith
Rain Is Good For Migrains Kolo Kolo
The New Black The New Black (single) Cherisha Etnel
Love Song Love Song (single) Mr. Woolf and his Music
Tenterhooks The Bullet Birdeatsbaby
Out Ahead Out Ahead (single) Anna Pancaldi
Early Morning Early Morning (single) Holly Morwenna
The Fall I Must Be Gone And Live, Or Stay And Die The Glass Child
Let’s Be Bolder Let’s Be Bolder (single) Hanna’s Marines
Happy Birthday (Dear Human) Singles 2014 Tom Rosenthal
Helpless Blue Roses Rachael Sage
Crisper What We Do Shook Twins
Your Mother One, For Words Keston Cobblers Club
Minnesota Son Take A Stand Pepper And Shepherd
To Find a Friend Not Turning Back EP Dirty Proper


See you next week!

~JW and CR