The Tiger’s Grin by Analog Birds – Free Music Feature MP3

Oct 16, 2015 by

“The Tiger’s Grin” by Analog Birds is our free music feature this Friday! I can’t take the credit for finding this gem as it was Justin’s catch. He wrote; “I love how weird these guys are and how talented”, and I totally agree. Please note this feature is a ‘name your price’ one, so if you’d like to pay, then please do.

Analog Birds are a psychedelic rock group from Brooklyn and Sound Beach, NY. Their compositions are melodic and new; their productions are awash with harmonies and unexpected twists and turns.They produce recorded music that rewards attention, rather than serving as wallpaper for a daily commute.¬†This is a new (August 2015) single from them – produced by Analog Birds in Brooklyn and Sound Beach, NY. * If you notice something different about the band, it’s because this is their first release since vocalist Asa Milbankx transitioned to Isobel Morris.¬†