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First and foremost, welcome to 2008. Jamie and I spoke with my father as well as Jamie’s mother and we were all in agreement that we’re SUPER GLAD that 2007 is over. Let’s hope that 2008 is better than 2007. Or, let’s just MAKE IT BETTER!

In the spirit of making 2008 better I’ve started rigorous research for my new audio podcast, or weekly downloadable radio show (whatever you want to call it) that I plan on having up and running very soon. I was hoping for this weekend but I still have to work out the bugs with uploading it to iTunes. It won’t be long, though… don’t you worry.

I’m drilling through countless MP3s that are under what’s called a “Creative Commons” licensing. This makes it legal for me to podcast without advertising, which is great, but I have to rebuild my music library and also ask people to listen to music they’ve most likely never heard before. If you have music that you either…

a) …know the publisher/producer/artist then let me know! I’d love to get in touch with them to let me play there stuff on the podcast!

b) …know of other sites to search for Creative Common licensed music, email those sites to me at

c) (my favorite) …have music that you’d like me to play and promote on the podcast and my blog? I would love to learn more about you and play your music!

I will be putting a lot of work into this podcast. One of the main areas I will be on top of the whole time is this long list of new artists. If you send me your music I’d love to talk about you so the listeners can learn about you and they don’t feel like they’re listening to some shlock I dug up. People are the music.

That said, you trusty (not rusty!) listeners of the Classic Chronicles will be showered with music you’ve never heard before but don’t worry! I’ll inform you about each artist so you don’t feel like you’re listening to that overly-trendy radio station on the left-side of the dial (sorry, Dad) but hanging out with a buddy who’s playing some good records for your review. And… (my favorite part) you’ll be supporting local, independent music made by people trying to avoid the “big label” system.

I’m also going to be including other different things since you don’t want to listen to music for a solid 80 minutes and I’ll have no commercials. Things like poetry, talking to my old radio pals on the phone, political stuff, funny stuff… it’ll be the best 80 minutes of the week, guaranteed! (I don’t guarantee that guarantee, though.)

I’m very excited about it. I hope you are too.

And help me name it! I’m going to be creating the graphic design templates this week and I’ll have to choose the name by then. My current ideas are:

The Justin Wayne Show

The Justin Wayne Radio Hour

Justin Wayne Time

Cheesy and Cheesier

(That last one was a joke… perhaps a comment of the previous one that wasn’t a joke)

I’d also be willing to take other suggestions but hurry! I’ve got to get this stuff done and sent off to iTunes.

Alrighty… enough about the radio show

I know what you want… pictures and details about the rest of our Christmas in London! Yay! Here’s a good one…

That’s what happens when I take my glasses off, my eyes pop out of my head.

This was at the end of this attraction here in London called “The London Dungeon”. We thought it was going to be a museum-ish thing and it turned into a crazy mix between a haunted house, a theatre production, and a theme-park ride. Not something I’ll forget. They did have quite a bit of history contained throughout the attraction along with a flume ride and this “hanging” drop ride at the end where you see us all scared n’stuff. It was an enjoyable first day out.

We also visited one of our local pubs for a pint and met the two regulars there chasing their little Jack-Russel Terrier around the place. They were very cute and funny. It was a great exposure for Juile to hear a true London accent. She didn’t hear all of what he said, however. The perils of the London accent.

This is what happens when trains give you the “all change” command. This is a pretty sketchy tube-stop too. Not that the words “edge” and “where?” would have given you any clue at all.

We also visited the museum district which resides right over by Kensington Palace, the residence of the late Princess Diana after she divorced Prince Charles. Jamie had a moment the other night when she said, “Was that the first Royal divorce? Oh, wait, nevermind. King Henry kind of invented the Royal divorce, didn’t he?” We learned that, if from no other place, from the Trivial Pursuit game we were playing which reminded us that Henry decided to break away from the Catholic church to divorce his first wife. He also killed another one… one left him… one was locked in a tower… so it wasn’t just Diana and Charles.

Here’s Jamie and Julie standing in front of the Natural History Museum, a beautiful building, with the ice-skating rink outside of it.

We had dinner at a Pizza Hut this day too. They’re WAY better over here!

The next day Julie took us out to dinner at an Italian chain here in the UK called Bella Italia. It’s probably considered something of an Olive Garden here, but we’ve had good experiences and good food there, so we go back. Here’s Jamie and I having a loving moment…

We went and saw “The Kite Runner” which was an amazing and powerful film. If you get a chance to see it, it provides an interesting story about two children and what happens when we grow older and grow apart.

We saw it at the O2 dome, which we got lost finding once… if you’re interested in that blog entry click here. Here are pictures of Jamie and I out front of this ugly construction. Now that I think about it, it’s actually starting to grow on me… or maybe it’s just much better looking at night.

Then I threw her over my shoulder…

Goodness… I’m friggin’ starving! I’m gonna move on through these next photos.

One day we tried to go to the London Eye which is this grand observatory wheel, kind of like a ferris wheel but you can fit about 15 people in a pod. Since it’s right down on the Thames (river) in downtown London you can see quite far and a lot of stuff quite well. It was raining, so we went to the Salvador Dali exhibit containing over 200 of his paintings, drawings, sculptures, and other creations. That dude was crazy!

We did come back and visit the London Eye again and we actually got to ride it. This is where I got lots of good pictures. These are just a few:

Here’s pictures of us up there too…

Kinda cool, huh? Look what you would get to do if you came to visit us!

This last picture is of the cool little book market that I found a book for my friend Kyle. It was a 1952 print of the Hemmingway novel Across the River and Into the Trees. I’m very excited to send it to him, and it only cost me 5 pounds! Sweet!

Well, that’s about all I’ve got the constitution for this week. I’m gonna chew my arm off! Check out the last two Classic Chronicles in the sidebar and keep on the lookout for the podcast… coming soon!

Thanks, as always, for your continued support and love. We couldn’t do it without you.



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