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Mar 19, 2008 by

Yes, it has been awhile since I’ve written a true story blog, so I’ll try and sum up everything that’s happened in the last couple of weeks since I was shipped home to Minnesota. It is cold outside today, Dad came home from work and went right to sleep (naptime, we’re going out tonight! Foosball!) and so I’ve got some time to write a good, long bbbllloooggg. (Look, I made it longer.)

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I flew home via Air India which was extremely delightful. I don’t like to endorse people for free but if you ever have the opportunity to fly Air India over… umm… any other transatlantic carrier (too much time in the airline industry) choose them. It’s cheaper than everyone else and I was treated so well. Movies of my choosing, delightful chicken curry and they served tea later, pillows, blankets, leg space… the whole shooting match. Kicked the HECK out of NWA. 😛

I’ll include an excerpt from my notebook that I wrote on the flight:

“Got to see where the mighty Thames [river] dumps into, or comes out of the ocean. A beautiful day with only spots of clouds and the bright sunshine reflecting off the water and into my eyes making it hard for me to turn and respond to the delightful flight attendants. It is an undeniably gorgeous day but also a sad one as I would never trade this view for the previous one inside our small flat. Jamie is so much more beautiful than this view or any view for that matter flying in the opposite direction of her.”

Yes, I miss Jamie.

Moving on… The first weekend I was home I got to head out on the road with my brothers’ band Lights Out Dancing for a little weekend tour. Not only did they rock the heck out of Virginia and Duluth Minnesota, I also saw my brother go up the stairs wearing an old Halloween costume which was a human-sized box of wine. He came back down the stairs later much more drunk and wearing ONLY the wine box costume. Very interesting evening.

My brothers are twins, four years younger than I am, and just turned 21 this March. It’s been an interesting few days and I’m hoping that my slightly-older liver will recover from the onslaught. Actually, it hasn’t been all that bad. They’re more responsible that I was. But that’s a story for another time.

A story I can tell you was the first night I was in town I was still up after being awake, with the time change and everything, for 20 hours. As I returned on the eve of their birthday I threw out the notion, while falling asleep on the couch, that we should head up to the local bar for drinks at midnight. The idea caught on like wildfire and before I knew it I was standing in front of a bartender ordering Fat Tire. They have Fat Tire in Minnesota now, yay! And, we brought in the boys’ birthday correctly.

As for Jamie she’s still in London babysitting dogs, camping out in the middle of nowhere, and tracking down animal horders in the English countryside. Obviously keeping busy, but I think she’s still looking forward to my return, which should be anytime now. We’re at the tail end of the possible length for this paperwork, so we should hear anytime.

Jamie and I appreciate everyone’s support through these trying months and want you to know how important it is to us. We couldn’t do this without you. A special thanks to my parents for their continued support and putting up with my strange motivations to clean the house. (A different shade than the boys who are the yang to my yin.) Also, thanks to Julie and Jim, Jamie’s parents, for their continued support of us and especially Jamie as she’s in the big city by herself now. Thanks you guys.

Have a great rest of your week! Keep on scrolling if you’re looking for this week’s playlist. It’s not much further.


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  1. Justin Wayne

    Ohhh, that was so sweet! I miss you too babe, can’t wait to see you again.