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Feb 10, 2008 by

We finally took the plunge this week and brought a new member of the household from Battersea Dogs and Cats. No, we didn’t come home with one who wouldn’t care whether we were here or not (a cat…) but yes, we collected a brand new (two year-old) dog.

Kaylee is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossed with something… Hannah has started saying that it was most likely Whippet (a mini greyhound) but nobody really knows for sure. She came into the home as a stray and has come to us as we stray away from sanity.

I’m of course, kidding, as she’s adapted wonderfully to her new flat and is a pleasant, not to mention loving, new member of the household. A very dark brindle (awwww… shoot! I’ll have pictures soon!) she’s about 30 pounds and stands just under my knee.

Right now she’s in heat (or as they say here, “in season”?), she apparently hasn’t been spayed yet. They actually call it castration for both genders here, and so *cough* she hasn’t been castrated yet. We’ve got to keep her on the lead (leash) and away from other male dogs (duh!) until she’s finished in April. Then, we can get her castrated and not worry about having a BUNCH more flatmates.

Ooohh, puppies scare me! Wheew, anyway…

I heard about my work permit this week for the first time in quite a while, which was exciting! They’ve requested my former employers to send formal letters attesting to my former employment. Once they’ve got that along with the adverts that the company had up to find people (that they consequently only found myself as a suitable candidate…) then they’ll make their final decision. I should be hearing back not this week, but next week. I’m very excited about this finally coming to an end. I guess you’ve gotten the podcast out of it, in my idleness, and I’ve now got a great reason to keep seeking out new music where few radio DJs have gone before!

If you want to try listening, the links are in the sidebar. Near the top is the current show and at the bottom of the sidebar is the archive. If you’re looking for a specific song in the archive, the song lists are all on the blog, just scroll down. You’ll be able to figure out which is which and where you can get what you need. Just right-click and “Save target as…”

The next episode is coming soon. Should be up on Monday!

Take care, and thank you for the continued support! I’ve appreciated it through all of this.



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  1. Ryan Timothy

    You can’t have a post about your dog and not put up a picture. GOD! Do I have to think of EVERYTHING?!!