The JW Show 132 Pt 2: Matt, Miri, and I am Harlequin

Jun 8, 2011 by


This week we have two wonderful interviews on the show including Miri, Anne Freier of I am Harlequin, and indie music expert Matthew Pierce joins us to talk about iCloud and its implications on the music industry.

We are also joined by Joe Dosch, our resident comedian talking about a very strange man, Glenn Beck.

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Title Album Artist
Where’s The Summer? Just A Glimmer RoseRed And The Butterflies
Welcome to the Circus The Perfect Shade of Green II Skittish
Juicy Lucy Volume IV Titty Bingo
Glenn Beck is Going Blind Joe Dosch Comedy
The Liberty I am Harlequin I am Harlequin
Interview with Anne Freier of I am Harlequin
Marianne I am Harlequin

Anne Frier of I am Harlequin