The JW Show 121 Part 2: Preparing for the Birthday Best

Feb 16, 2011 by


Second half, but make sure you get you  Green River Ordinance free mp3s before the band pulls them down and starts charging for them – they’re certainly good enough to do so.

nicktann-vinyl-projectAlso have a look at Nick Tann’s Vinyl Project that’s going to be recorded LIVE on March 5th.  You can contribute and make sure you get a copy of the beautiful plastic masterpiece.

Title Album Artist
My Voice Is Gone The Chester Sessions Tom Howie
Come With Me Strange Day In Mexico The Clintons
January Blues Single The Lights
Hot Phone New For You The Little Philistines
The Glower The Globes E.P. The Globes
Jesus The Dash The Dash
nothing major Your heart is ready for home pareto
Anthem Uncle Funk Skinless Finger
Ocean Passage Projekt Projekt
Anna Alternative Sauce EP Downeaster
Tommorw She Loves Me Follow Your Dreams Single Model Society
Regret Circus Envy Circus Envy
Don’t Make Me Wait Don’t Make Me Wait Nick Tann

See you next time with an interview from Kevin Frank of Silversound Productions.