The JW Show 121 Part 1: Preparing for the Birthday Best

Feb 16, 2011 by

We are preparing for the Birthday Best in a way that makes it seem like it might never happen (it WILL.)  green river ordinance desert epHowever, we’ve got some Green River Ordinance free mp3s for you to gobble down, as well as another great rocking track from the hot, hot band Skittish.

Title Album Artist
Wrecking Ball The Perfect Shade of Green I Skittish
Amnesia SALT The Locals
Gimme The Powwows The Powwows
TRACK OF THE WEEK>> Come On Out Of My Hands Green River Ordinance
Bright Red Chords Nagasha Loomis & The Lust
My Generation Zebedy Rays Zebedy Rays
Doc Tahitian Punk Demo Tahigo
Shoulda Said Something Burning the Tracks Unquiet Nights
If The Sea Was Whiskey Hound’s Tooth Tin Pan
Sunlight New York City The Elements
Dream Words Loftdaddy
Count to Ten Count To Ten Tina Dico

Thanks everyone, don’t miss the  second half of the show for more tunes and love!





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