5.5 Questions with Dillon Gillespie of The Hauntings

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The Hauntings are “four young chaps who want to make music with balls”. They combine the harmonies and pop sensibilities of The Beatles and Beach boys with the edge of Queens of the Stone Age and Muse. Their music fuses elements of garage, psych, and prog rock.

The Hauntings

The Hauntings

Dillon Gillespie, the lead singer and guitarist joined us in the JWS chat room for 5.5 Questions.

Tell us about the first time you heard yourself on radio.

Two of the other members and I played in a band in high school and recorded a quick demo. A buddy sent it to his sister who ran a college radio station and it was played. Utter bliss. A similar feeling to playing the first show.

As a performer (or band), what’s been your coolest day ever?

Our first show was actually this relatively large local battle of the bands, and we didn’t win or come close, but we had so many people show up for us. We were 16 and I think people were impressed and it made us feel awesome. My father bought us all slurpees or something after.

Who’s your musical role model and why?

Personally, I love Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. He created music with such a higher concept and purpose. I also find the fact that he was slightly off his rocker to be fascinating. The band’s main influence may be Queens of the Stone Age, heavy, sexy rock and roll. So we try to combine those two musical ideas to create our sound.

Describe the worst dressing room or venue bathroom you’ve experienced.

oh boy, a local bar that was a big part of the music scene had the bathroom basically beside the band/stage. So whenever you had to go you had to walk in front of everyone and often through the band. It was just awkward. Also really small and super dirty lol.

What’s on your ideal sandwich and what would you wash it down with?

I like thanksgiving leftovers sandwiches. Like turkey and stuffing and gravy. Probably wash it down with a pint.

Tell us 3 songs on music player playlist.

Gold by Black Map, Ten Tonne Skeleton by Royal Blood, and Pools by Zeahorse

Thanks Dillon! Here’s where you can hear more of The Hauntings.

The Hauntings on SoundCloud

The Hauntings on Facebook




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