The Dog Ate My Computer

Apr 25, 2008 by

Well, kind of! Abby (the dog) gets frantic sometimes when we’re not around and since my computer is right in front of the window in my upstairs bedroom, she tore it up. She tries to get close to the window which can mean her climbing up on desks and tables. My computer was on the desk, and consequently she clawed a few letters off the keyboard, trashed my desk… nightmare. Luckily, I’m still updating the blog from that computer as I was able to refasten the keys back on, without too much trouble (or superglue). I did use a little superglue, however.

Anyway, that’s why the playlist for Episode 13 is lagging behind a bit, but the show is up and ready for you in the sidebar! I should have the playlist up today. I’ve taken to putting my computer IN the desk now, so when I’m finished fixing it, it should be better than it was before this fiasco.

Cheers, friends!


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