The Birthday Best Revealed

Mar 8, 2009 by

Without further ado, delay, or anything else: the twenty best songs of 2008 played on The Justin Wayne Show.

21. Count to Ten :: Count To Ten :: Tina Dico

20. Drama :: This World Fair :: This World Fair

19. I’ll Be Here Awake :: Ill Be Here Awake :: Arthur Yoria

18. Do The Math :: Later Days :: Asthmaboy

17. Puppies n’ Kittens :: Sam Squared

16. Across the River :: Stranger in Nowhere Land :: Alex Apodaca

15. Alarm Bell City :: Alarm Bell City :: The Apple War

14. Ulysses :: Ulysses :: Goh Nakamura

13. Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die :: Rise or Die Trying :: Four Year Strong

12. The Blacksmith :: Of Wounds and Blessings :: Now And Forever

11. Strange Day In Mexico :: Strange Day In Mexico :: The Clintons

10. Art of Living :: Twilight :: Via Dove

9. She Sells Sea Shells :: Things That Roar :: The Beep Seals

8. Grave Situation Pt. 1 :: Happy Birthday :: The Burning Hell

7. Coolest Little Monster :: Conquers The World :: Electric Frankenstein

6. Broken Compass :: Oh The Places You’ll Go :: Lights Out Dancing

5. The Giver :: So Begins The Test Of A Man :: Small Towns Burn A Little Slower

4. You! Me! Dancing! :: Hold On Now, Youngster :: Los Campesinos!

3. Paris :: Oh, Beatrice :: Tacks, The Boy Disaster

2. Run in the Front :: Small Steps Heavy Hooves :: Dear and the Headlights

1. Bein’ in Love :: The Fish Don’t Mind :: Skeletons With Flesh On Them

Congradulations to Skeletons with Flesh on Them and the rest of the bands and artists that made the Birthday Best Top 20!

Special Thanks going to Ryan Flynn, Bill Buckner, Jober, R-Dawg, Kyle Arndt, Kyle Helm… and a very special thanks to Jamie. We couldn’t have made it through a whole year without all of your support, help and hard work!