The Agenda: Chapter 1

Oct 11, 2009 by

I have left London for personal reasons that I shan’t get into right now, but it’s good to get home. The spiritual home if that’s what you want to call it. It has a wonderfully revitalizing charm that is realised as soon as you arrive. I only mention this, because it’s good to get back to your roots; especially concerning music. Listening to the music that you first listened to without prejudice or without any preconceived notion of what is/what isn’t cool. The point of this (or at least I think it is) site/show is to bring that new music to the ears of those who appreciate the power and its affect that a simple piece of music can have.

Hopefully we’ll get to know one another, experience new music together and remember; no matter what shit can/will hit the fan in our short time on the earth we can always rely on our favorite sounds.


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