The 12 Songs of Christmas – Subscribe!

Dec 14, 2010 by


a-christmas-story-Ralphie-BunnyDidn’t get what you want in your stocking this year?  Have no fear…

Starting Christmas Day we’ve got 12 FREE singles from 12 different independent artists.

Some of our favourite artists and bands here at Recharged Radio have presents for you… each day of Christmas.  A little “thank you” for driving music, and not controlling it for another year.

We’re releasing the artists list on Tuesday, 21th of December but if you know us, the tunes are going to be fantastic. We’ve even got a bunch of exclusive pre-release singles as some of our artists are releasing singles, EPs and albums in January!

They’re only up for a limited time – until the 7th of January.  How do you get them?  I’m glad you asked.

SUBSCRIBE.  There are many ways to do this…

However, make sure you’re DOWNLOADING and not only streaming the songs as they come down at 4pm GMT on Friday 7th of January.

Talk soon – when we release the artist list!  You won’t know what song is what day until they come out.