Synthesising by Elle Exxe: Free Music Feature MP3

Oct 31, 2014 by

We already gave you a tease of this track on our live show this week (because we just couldn’t wait) but I’m incredibly excited for this weeks free music feature: “Synthesising” by Elle Exxe. Under different name and different management the former Linda Harrison graced our airwaves regularly here at The Justin Wayne Show, so we’ve been biting at the bit to play you her new kickass track alongside her new kickass name.

Elle Exxe can claim many outstanding achievements that has directed her to start this new journey. 1 million YouTube hits, a fashion line and not to mention collaborations connections and praise from the likes of Frankmusik to Perez Hilton. But this seemingly glitzy start is the result of fierce independence and self-belief. Her upbeat pop songs are rooted in emotional hardship and solid experience gained from Edinburgh to LAs slums. Vulnerable but with a steely stubbornness, she is a pop star who has paid her dues and more.