Summer Sun Demo by Nakisha Esnard – Free Music Feature MP3

Jun 12, 2015 by

“Summer Sun Demo” by Nakisha Esnard is her gift to you this Friday. We’ve featured this lady on the free music feature before and she just won song of May 2015! So download this one and then go get involved with all the music she’s putting out there.

Nakisha Esnard is a Musician Poet from Bedfordshire. She has a mixed genre style of Reagge/Soul in her sound, and her personality is every bit part of her performance as the music is. Nakisha has been touring now over the last 2 years, playing shows all over the UK. She has also recently ventured out into theatre, performing and writing for Cabaret shows. Her mixed Genre style, stems from her mixed culture and she wholeheartedly embraces both her British side and her Caribbean heritage. She plays a variety of instruments, but her current instrument of choice is the Ukulele. It gives a great island sound for the reggae and her soulful voice resonates well with her chosen chords. Her ability to freestyle and interact with her audiences are a big part of why Nakisha’s shows are unique.