Stupid (Acoustic Version) by Alex Highton – Free Music Feature MP3

Jul 11, 2014 by

It’s Friday, it’s free music feature time! This week we have an eerily beautiful, acoustic version of Alex Highton‘s track ‘Stupid’ for your listening pleasure. I already have a copy of his album ‘Wooditton Wives Club’ in my collection so know the original well. However I’ve really enjoyed hearing the striped back version that he is kindly giving away for free. I hope you will too.

After growing up in Liverpool, and then ten years or so in London, Alex decamped with his family to rural Cambridgeshire. What he found was an England he didn’t know existed and a life he didn’t know he was looking for. With no expectations at all he wrote and recorded a bunch of songs that chronicled his journey from the city to the country. Just stuff about what was going on around him, his wife, his kids, breathing in the fresh air and staring into the abyss…

His debut album ‘Wooditton Wives Club’ is out for you to own right now.