Special Thanks: Trevor, Madison…

Mar 19, 2008 by

Oh, I almost forgot.

I need to thank my two buddies who immediately reached out to me in my time of need. As I was running low on Thursday Plantation Tea Tree chewing sticks they both offered to ship me cases and boxes free of charge. You guys rock, both Trevor and Madison. I most appreciate it but now that I’m back in the States I’m on the patrol to find some cheap ones at shops around the area. I was looking online and I found cases that compared to me buying it by the single boxes. Does anyone know a good place online to buy these things?

But, thanks you guys. I’ve got a few more and I’ll find some place to buy some in bulk so I can bring them back. If any of y’all head overseas make sure you stock up on your own tea tree chewing sticks (I just wrote chooing… awesome).

Cheers, friends!


PS: Keep on scrolling for this week’s show blog and playlist.

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