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Mono-Stereo-machineSingle Review

Artist: Mono Stereo

Singles: “Me and My Machine” and “You Gotta Take Me Home”

Release Date: Out Now

For those of us old enough to remember what A sides and B sides were on what we used to refer to as singles… This is a double A side “Me and My Machine” and “You Gotta Take Me Home from Mono Stereo, which in absolutely simple terms means that it is two tracks that are both as good as each other, and should be considered together as one.

Mono Stereo are a Swedish band who refer to themselves using the term “shoegazer.”  When the NME started using that in the late 80’s I’m sure it wasn’t always meant as a compliment.  However, the first track (or the “A side” if you will) would not be out of place on a compilation of some of the better exponents of this almost psychedelic style of music, it sits comfortably with local band to me Ride, mixed in with some of The Verve’s better moments, and in more recent times Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.  The dreamy linked and looping guitars evocative of an earlier time in music, and the band almost have a Small Faces / Kinks inspired look about them in their dress sense and hairstyles.

The second track which, as above, is also an A side, “You Gotta Take Me Home” has an even more sixties vibe to it, the opening 30 seconds almost Sgt Pepper-like, and again has that slow build that keeps on going, dragging you into the music more the longer it lasts.

This is a confident release from a band with a good future, have a look on their site where there are some live tracks you can get for literally no money, and also has all the links to buy their other recordings and see all their stuff. Sadly you will have just missed their short UK tour, but I think one to look out for next time they are UK bound.

And have a look at the video here as well, which is far from black & white.

Mono Stereo – Me and My Machine from Adam Bruneau on Vimeo.


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